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A short Story – She

I met this beautiful girl, first time at Lonavala railway station. We were going for the same trekking, nearby. I was alone, already 3 people waiting inside the pickup car. Then a group of 5 friends join with us, she is one among them. Lol, Everybody socked by seeing my 90L big backpack… Hahaha they might have thought, I’m a curious kid, doing trekking for the first time.

She is very talented, but one quality I admire is, From the very beginning, she started to make me comfort, as I was alone. This is something very rare quality. I usually do this to the new people who is alone at party, meetings, or any new places, I will make them comfort by talking to them. First time I felt someone is doing the same to me. It was really good. Think, you are alone and you feel like alienated, and someone comes to you and every now and then trying to make you comfort. Is in’t it nice feeling? Then, for sure they will become your best friend. This is what happened. 

Usually, I mingle with the group very easily. But that day I was too tired. So not interested to start a convo. But she deliberately started talking to me as I don’t know Hindi. By the way, She was my official translator for the whole trip. LOL… 

Once we reached the base camp, everybody settled in their tents. We were sitting around the bonfire, Then this happened, she were sitting besides me, suddenly started to sing. Wow… I should tell, she is a wonderful singer. She sang very nicely. Of course, I don’t understand the meaning, but it was soothing. That was a new year midnight eve party. She is good at dancing as well… hahah yeah you knew about me, right? I am not at a good dancer. But she keep calling me to join with them. maybe if I knew dance, i definitely would have joined with them. Then I returned to my tent.

Early morning, we started our trekking. Not a tough one, very basic level trekking only. I made sure, I’m going besides her. I don’t know, I just wanted to climb with her. Plus, she will translate the instructions. So, always, I was going just behind her. Hahahaha blush, I thought, It should be the Everest base camp trekking, so that we will be keep climbing together for at least 10 days. I prayed, we shouldn’t reach the top soon. because I needed more time to talk with her and knowing each other, etc.. Hahha lol. Better I should stop here. Unfortunately, we reached the top very soon.

We all were there to witness the sunrise. Sun slowly rose. That was a beautiful scenery in front of us. Sun rises behind the chain of mountains, lake water before the mountains, sky were painting with yellow, red, golden, blue. That was the perfect New year morning. I just turned, saw something more beautiful than that. The sun rays kisses on her face, she became golden color, she was enjoying the nature’s miracle, like a new born baby. damn, I should tell, at that moment, she was the most beautiful girl in the universe. And, yeah, In general, Marathi girls are the most beautiful girls in India, after Punjab, and Kashmir girls.

Then we were sitting at the top and enjoyed the view and the breeze. Then slowly we came to the base. Again, while coming I made sure, I’m besides her. She asked me to go front, as the path was little steep. But, I didn’t. bcoz, If I go in front, I would go fast. But, if I come behind her, I will have the reason to go slow. I can stay with her for a longer time, as she walks slowly. But, suddenly she fall down and rolled on the trail, as she wore the normal running shoe. I felt bad for that, I should have gone front side. But, yeah not a very big accident, she stood with the smiling face and we started again. She translated everything.

While going down, I was sad. then, we reached the base, had breakfast. Time to depart. They gave two cars for us to reach Lonavala. But, we joined in the same car, though it was little discomfort to sit. I was on cloudnine, in the thought of she is gonna sit next to me in the car. But, unfortunately some random guy sat next to me. I was broken and cried a little inside. We reached the Lonavala railway station.

I had the plan to go to Mumbai. But, decided to go to Pune, as I can spend few more hours with her. Tada..!! At last, we sat together in the train. That was a short trip, just an hour. If I was the PM, the first thing I would have banned all the short trains. hahha… During the journey got some opportunity to talk. She is very talented and always learning new things. She told me to try some north Indian street food(I forgot the name), she told she will offer at the railway station. I thought of going with them. But, twist. My stop is different and their stop is different. They thought, I will get off one stop before Pune, as that is the most common station. Even I thought to get-off at their station, and go for a food-walk, until last second, I thought of getting off the train. Then realized the reality and sat. We meet thousands of people in our life and journey. But, only a few remains in our heart as a beautiful memories.

Guess what? She is my secret crush.

It is not some historic love or something. But, you can relate with the journey of the life. 
In our journey, you will be in one random place, and you will meet a new person, and get attached to them. you feel like being with them forever, and you want this journey should never end. But, at one point of time, both of your journey will separate, you have to move on and continue the journey. Life has lots of surprises and miracles for you…  

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