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Run A script as Service in Rpi

November 21, 2018

It is very essential to know how to run a python script as a service. Let us see how to do this from this tutorial. Let us write a simple python program. ( —————– #!/usr/bin/python from time import sleep try: while True: print “Hello World” sleep(60) except KeyboardInterrupt, e:“Stopping…”) Now we’re going to […]

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How to Setup MQTT on Raspberry Pi

July 2, 2018

I hope you know what is MQTT?, what is Raspberry PI? So, let’s directly dive into how to implement MQTT on Raspberry PI.  Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of electronics, and how to use the Arduino IDE. Familiarity with command line interface will be a plus. Required Parts: Raspberry Pi, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse. Anyway, A short note […]

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How to work with Servo motor with Arduino

June 30, 2018

So, This is my first tutorial in IoT. Planning to post at least one tutorial daily. Servo plays an important role in IoT Projects. From a simple lock system to complex humanoid robots. So, Let’s see how to work with servos.   Today, We will see 2 methods to control the servo motors. Control Servo motor […]

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