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Do you have a proof that the world is real?

No. It is an illusion. It is a dream.

What you are seeing is just visible to your eyes. There is no world apart from your sight. It is made for you. The person you see, is not real. He is only visible to your view, when you close your eyes, no one is there. These entire human evolution theory created just to make you believe that what you see is real. When you sleep this world will disappear. When you wake up, the world is acting like running.

But, you belong to somewhere. When you sleep from your place, you get the dream, and you come to this plant. And what you see is just imagination. everything created just to make you believe. the buildings, the forest, the roads, Obama, Putin, Trump, the person next to you, Economy, Ecosystem, everything. they don’t have any real life. It is an imagination. when you sleep here, you wake up from your place. This is how you visit here. Everything created just for you.

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