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How To build Your End-To-End IoT Solution? (Own Weather station on Cloud)

This is my 12th project of #100DaysOfIoT Challenge.

As I promised, Here comes the complete End to End IoT Solution. Its Weather station on cloud. SO, It is must to read my previous Post HERE, to know about Required Components, pin connections, basic setup and explanation.

This one is for intermediates and above. To do this you need some basic knowledge of Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, JSON, Any Serverside language like PHP/Python, any DB, any JS chart framework. Plus, some knowledge in the cloud. It may look like a big test, but if you start doing it, you can easily do it one by one.  


Do the same setup like previous project

Send request to your cloud with the payload(Temp, Hum, Press Values).

Store that payload in your DB

On the visualization part, make JSON request to update the chart from DB value every few milliseconds.



Ahh, Again, I did shutdown my Pi.. Will update soon… 


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