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How was Nagala Hills Trekking?

I grew up in the forest area. From my childhood, I’ve roamed in the deep forests and the hills of the West Ghats with barefoot. But, I didn’t know that’s how the trekking would be. Though I’ve done much trekking since my childhood, this Nagala Hills is my 1st official trekking. 

Gang of Wanderers & Weekend travelers both communities organized this event together. We were around 35 peoples. Mostly we used a bunch of cars to transport plus 3 motorbikes. Hell yeah, I rode this full trip using my bike up and down almost 300 KM. To be honest, the bike riding experience was amazing.

Let me summarize quickly: 

  • I Started at 5 AM from my room.
  • We gathered at Puzhal around 7 AM. 
  • Breakfast at Uthukottai around 9 AM.
  • Reached Nagala Hills base at 10 AM.
  • There was a wrong turn. LOL. We lost the path.
  • Finally, found the right track, trekking started at 11 AM
  • Reached the 1st stage pond at afternoon 12
  • Reached the 2nd stage pond around 1 PM
  • Reached the 3rd stage pond around 1.30 PM
  • Had wonderful swimming time till 3 PM
  • Quick Lunch until 3.15 PM
  • Reached Base around 5.15 PM
  • We had some photo session, chit-chat at the base till 5.45 PM
  • Joe conducted a roundtable conference at the end 😛 
  • We started from Nagala Base at 6 PM
  • Reached Puzhal at 8 PM
  • Came back to Room at 10. 30 PM

So, how was the trekking? It was FANTABULOUS. I had a good time. Mostly the trekking is not that difficult, it was an easy one, except 3 places(starting of 1st pool to 2nd pool, starting of the 2nd pool to 3rd, and midway to the 3rd pool). We directly went to the 3rd pool. It was 30 feet deep. Water was crystal clear. It was a really good experience to swim in the clear water. Hahahaha, next time if John said 5 mins more to reach, then don’t believe him. It took 25 minutes. 😛 Oh yes, you have to be very careful, because in some places the rocks are slippery. You have to be with your group. There are many chances to get lost. Haha, we used the whistle to identify the people in distance.  Overall it’s a well-organized trekking. Thanks to Joe, John and everyone.


What I got from this trip?

  1. An awesome day with awesome peoples.
  2. Got a chance for a Long drive in my bike.
  3. I spent the whole day with my mother nature.
  4. Inspiration to explore further more and more and more. 
  5. Drunk the purest water. Really Nagala water was so clear and tasty.
  6. I got a lifetime friendship with most of the people. They became my best friends now.

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