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How was Parvatha Hills Trekking?

In one simple word, it was Awesome. Parvatha Hills is located in Thiruvannamalai district, Tamilnadu. Total height 930 meters. I joined with Joe & Team. This time I decided not to travel by bike, as it was a rainy season. We booked a tempo van for transportation. 12 people started from Chennai, later doctor Shiva joined from Gingee. So, the crew is now 13 members. Almost all people slept during the travel except Harish. The driver was working continuously without rest for past few days, So Harish rode the last one hour. We reached the Base at 4.30 AM.

It was dark. There were no shops nearby. We had a small intro session and straightaway started the trekking. At first, I thought It is a small mountain. But, it was not. As I go near to the mountain it grows bigger. We slowly started to climb. The mountain has 4 phases.

  • Mud Road
  • Neat stone Steps
  • Hard rock Trails
  • Steel bar ladders.

We sat in many places. From nowhere we formed a team, I, Suresh, Doctor Shiva, Yuvi, and Ishwarya. It was funful. We cracked the jokes all the way, To be honest, it would be tough if I were climbing alone. At last, We reached the top first.

The View, OMG. It is worth for all the hard work. The wind, wow. Together the wind and the view, I don’t have words to describe the feeling. It was majestic and mesmerizing. After enjoying this for a few minutes, we took some photos. There is a beautiful Shiva temple at the top. I worshiped him. At 11 AM we started at the peak.

This time the team was I, Sampath, Suresh, Uday, and Rajesh. It was super fun. We really exhausted. All the water bottles were empty. Haha we sat and took rest literally once in every 10 steps. Somehow we reached the base by 2 PM. Thank god, there was water at the base. Shiva gave homecooked food for all of us. It was delightful. We started towards Chennai around 3 PM. Our van’s tire burst. Thankfully, the road was empty. We reached Chennai at 7 PM. Overall, I enjoyed this trekking very much. Met new amazing people. I feel happy.

  • 11 PM – Started From Chennai
  • 4.30 AM – Reached the Base
  • 5 AM – Started From Base
  • 8 AM – Reached the Peak as a 1st person
  • 11 AM – Started From the Peak
  • 2 PM – Reached the Base as the last person
  • 3 PM – Started from the Base
  • 7 PM – Reached Chennai

Few things you should consider:

  1. Never open your bags in the middle. Monkeys everywhere. You don’t know how it watches? where it comes from? But, If you open your bag, there will be monkeys.
  2. Hiking poles are the must. Or you can use some wooden stick. It will protect your knees, also you can use this to scare the monkeys.
  3. Early morning is the right time to start the trekking. Never go alone if you have any bags, always go as a group. Bring more water.
  4. There will be 2 ways at the top near the temple. The right side is a bit easy to climb and the left is very difficult if you are afraid of height please don’t use the left side way. But, yeah it will be thrilling.

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