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My Experience at Assistive Technology Workshop, Collaboration with MIT Students.

It was wonderful experience. Professor Kyle Keane from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston and his wife Anna(She is also teaching there) along with around 15 students came to India to create the awareness on Assistive Technology. The Program Name is Co CreATe-19. After Delhi, they came to Chennai. SPI cinema Sponsored this event and FreshWorks was the Venue Sponsor. And, my dear friend Abhi invited me as they are one of the social media partner.

So, The 1st Day begin with the energetic speech of the Professor. I never seen this much talented and down to earth person(a professor) in my life. He also suffered by partial visual disability. Friday Evening Then one gentle came and deliver the wonderful presentation who provides employment offers in MNCs for the disabled persons(Sorry, I forgot his name). Then there will be some activities to feel the pain points of the disabled persons. It was an eye opener to know how these people struggling to do the day to day activities. Day 1 ends.

Day 2, There were a few Co Designers came for us along with one interpreter(Matilda, I guess). The first half we worked with our Co Designer. Professor wants to make us the personal attachment with them. They shared their personal lives. Then slowly we asked about their pain points. They were very cooperative. We met these guys Srini(RBS), Pysh(BoA), Arun, Vino(BoA), Mani Kandan, Naveena(MU), and few more people. Srini taught us few sign language words. I still remember their names in Sign language. We all had lunch together. They left the hall around 5 PM. Then We formed the teams and trying to solve our Co Designer’s problems. Naveena was our Co-Designer, we were trying to create a Low-cost SoS for the disabled people(As well as general public). I will explain the project details in a different post. Day 2 ends.

Day 3, Since It was Sunday, Most people didn’t turn up. There were 12 people in our team on Day 2. But Sunday we had only 7 members (Pramoda, Agni, Agam, Ananya, Aparna, my friend Rakesh and Me). I have to tell, we had the best team among the other participants. Everyone is talented. Pramoda, she led the team. A techie from MIT. You can sense her confidence just by looking the way she stands, speaks. Very bold girl. Agni, She is a ML specialist. very silent. But, you can give any problem statement, she will come up with the algorithm and the optimum solution. Agam, He is working in Shell as a Architect. He done the major part of our project. And he is the reason for transferring all the snacks from pantry to our table 😛 . Ananya, A girl from NIFT. She is the best. She designed our product in a more elegant way(Haha just one thing, often you have to bare the sounds she makes like a kid… yeah, its cute as well). Rakesh, my dear friend. He is the best developer. Personally we worked many projects. His presence in our team was a strength. Aparna, she also done her semester in MIT. She helped me a lot to build the SoS device.

At the end of the workshop, we successfully completed our project and pitched our project like a boss. A perfect example for a teamwork. Everyone does their part perfectly. Thus, our Co CreATe workshop Ends in a smooth and sparky way. I have to mention few more friendly MIT students as well. Vivek, He is a Keen observer. He listen to people and then he will talk. That’s one rare quality we often fail. DexTina, I call her Tina. She can mingle with new set of people very easily. It will be like you don’t want to stop talking to her, very interesting person. Vivin, Nha(The boy with Titanic Jack’s hairstyle), Lauren, and I forgot few peoples name. But, All are so awesome, very friendly. To be honest, I started missing them.

What I learned?

  • There are people struggling to do the day to day activities. It’s our responsibility to help them with technology.
  • Got an awesome opportunity to work with worlclass students and the professor.
  • Its an wonderful experience to meet and work with different background people.
  • Got life-long friendship with most of the people.

Day 1 – Team mates
My Day-2 Team Mates
Team Naveena
Work Mode ON. Btw, Don’t ask why lot’s of snacks on our Table 😛
The Happy Us. We really enjoyed a lot working together.
LoL.. Tried some funny poses… 😛
With Professor Kyle and his wife Anna
My friends Abhi & Abhi with their team mates.
This is our Team Project, low-cost SoS Educational kit(Just 300 Rs).
After the Successful pitching of our Project. Really, It’s a wonderful Teamwork.

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