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My experience in Chennai Hackathon 2018

This is my First Hackathon.

I didn’t attend hackathon before. Because I thought, Hackathon is something about Hacking(Like hacking FB, Gmail accounts, and Bank accounts 😛 ), I mean, Kinda ethical hacking stuff. So, I didn’t even try.

AngelHack organizing Hackathon in Chennai with the partnership with CoWrks.

One day I came to know about, there is gonna happen a Hackathon in Chennai. I just googled about what is Hackathon. Saw a few Youtube videos. And finally came to know about, what actually Hackathon is.

But, my unfortunate, It happened just 2 days before the event, though I already registered a month before(Coz, I wanna give a try, whatever it is). I called my School friend Sampath to make a team. He already had one person in his team and joined with him.

My main intention was, just to observe what is Hackathon, and how does it work, as it was my 1st Hackathon.


We are the 1st team to enter the venue. Me, Sampath, and His friend Yogesh. By the way, Sampath is working in a startup called Tringapps, and Yogesh is working at Amazon. Registration completed. Breakfast over. Team formation and opening ceremony over. It was all new to me. But, I don’t know, I was very confident. I didn’t get any nervous.

Coding started: At 11 AM – Since this hackathon was happening in a coworking place called CoWrks, there are lots of individual coworking rooms. We took a separate room, There was no one, just we three. Yogesh had a concept. It was kind of Tour planning app(again, rest of the information are confidential). We started to discuss. Yogesh said we will use the Ionic framework to build, But. Sampath wanted to build it in Django. I wanted to build using PHP. We discussed and finalized to go with Django. Sampath will take care of Backend and we will take care of frontend.

Lunch completed.

At 2PM – Yogesh introduced many tools to me. It was really helpful. We were building the applications rapidly. Around 4 PM, got a call from the organizers to move our bikes from paid parking to free parking. But, the participants have to pay the amount. I will say, The event was poorly organized on this particular issue. Cool. Then, came back started coding. The problem. We got overconfidence that we will complete by today itself. So we started wandering, went to the coffee shop, and walk around the building.

Dinner completed.

We realized that we are behind the schedule. But, again, overconfidence, we thought will complete it in a couple of hours. So, started to play snooker, again went to the coffee shop, came back and chat with other participants and again played snooker and watching CSK Vs MI IPL match(CSK lost the match). Time is midnight 1 AM. We realized the serious problem that we couldn’t complete if we don’t code this night. But couldn’t control the sleep. Yogesh already started sleeping. Sampath tried his level best. But slept. I was working till 4 AM. I completed my part. I had 4 coffees that night. Then, I got introduced to David and his teammates. We were talking about IoT projects, that was interesting. Next day started.

Day 2:

I got tired of waking up Sampath. At last, he woke up at 7 AM. I and Yogesh helped him to complete the project fast. Had breakfast. As countdown started, Our hands started to tremble. 2 hours more. At last, we gave up. But, I got a backup. Since I’m very comfortable with building apps in PHP. I started to build from the scratch. And completed in 90 minutes(really, building apps in PHP is extremely easy). Though didn’t complete fully, we are managed to ready to give the demo.

Lunch completed.

Demo started. Everyone started to demo their projects. There were totally just 17 teams with 70 to 80 participants. It was good. Our turn came, somehow we managed to give the decent demo. Judges are impressed. We are Happy. Winner announcement. This time they awarded the 1st prize to the IoT device. The winning team came from Banglore. There was a guy called Adithya. I spoke with him last night, he didn’t sleep all night. And there is a girl in that team. Haha, Sampath had a crush on her. Cool. Hmm, I’m not much satisfied with the winning Project. I guess, that kinda product already available in the market. hmm, ok. But, it surely better than our project and most of the other projects. So, yeah.

End of the Hackathon.


What I got from this Hackathon?

  • It was a great experience to be a part of a hackathon.
  • Learned many things from Yogesh and Sampath
  • Had a great networking with other participants.
  • Lol, Free food and drinks. Yup, a T-shirt.
  • It improved my confidence level.

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