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My Experience in VIT Hackathon

After a long time, writing this. In between I’ve attended & guided 10 Plus online & offline Hackathons. These days Hackathon become very usual. This particular Hackathon I attended just for the shake of my dear friend & brother Naveen.
Right from the starting the Hackathon was very energetic. Happy to see lots of female participants. The ratio was almost 50%. But, most of them were same VIT students. Me, Venky, Naveen, Sam and his friend we five in a Team. 

This time we tried really something interesting. We tried to integrate IoT + ML + AR. Quite interesting right? yeah it was. As usual first day done nothing but planning. First day night started working. Completed the project by 2nd day morning.
To be honest, Our Project is the best one compared to all of the submission. But, couldn’t win. Thus I doubt the transparency of the event.  Cool it happened few times before also. 
But, The environment and Infrastructure of VIT was amazing. I can see students dancing, playing, everywhere. I got really jealous of these students. I was like, I could have studied here. Then I decided, At any cost I will join my son here 😛 
Overall, It is a good and bitter experience. The students of VIT, Vellore campus was very helpful. Just another Hackathon. 

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