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Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

This is a small fiction Novel book by Hermann Hesse. But, you won’t believe me, it took 3 days to complete this book. After that I read 3, 4 times. But, couldn’t understand the base philosophy.

If you have read The Alchemist book by Paulo Coelho, it is somewhat similar. At least in the alchemist, we can run through the story and why things are happening such a way. But, this Siddartha book is completely mystery.

Then I realized when I relate some incidents happened on my real life with that book, it worked well. I can unleash the mysterious. This is what happen when you read this book first time. You can’t understand, why he came out of his house? why he join with those Aghories? why he left them? why he became the merchant? why he fallen love? why he left her? why he became the boatman? everything is a bit confusion . you can’t get the conclusion, but you can only relate with them when some incident happens with your real life, and that’s the beauty of this book.

One thing, Even a river can teach the life lessons, just you have to be hormones towards the universe. I highly recommend this book.

You can Download the book from HERE

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